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Bellot Technics BM / Services


From design, production, handling and delivery anywhere in the world for our products, we aim to provide a comprehensive service to our customers, so they can centralize all the labeling on a single supplier.


Our department of design offers:

  • Design your brand and logo.
  • Creating all the labeling of their collections.
  • Study and design of packaging best suited to your product.


Our department of handled includes textile factory allows us to develop multiple works for each customer in both price and quality.

  • Knotted cord to the label.
  • Assembly of all types of items which require special handling.
  • Manual impregnation adhesive.
  • Assembling parts of all kinds.
  • Attaching metal eyelets.
  • Label sewn in garments.
  • Textile factory at your disposal for tweaks.
  • Manufacturing of cloth bags to suit you.
  • Folding, labeling and pocketed of clothes.

If you have a product that requires any type of handling, please contact us, surely our price, service and quickness will solve your needs.


We can place your orders anywhere in the world.

You are not sure that your workshops in Asia, Middle East, Mexico or Morocco will be able to achieve the demanded labelling? Bellot Technics BM team will handle possible.

Our experience and the trust that our customers have deposited in us, make it possible that distance will not be a cause of concern.