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The Bellot Technics BM aim is that the quality of the service they provide is a reflection of the expectations of every client, thus ensuring the company's long term success, provided with proper respect for the environment and the pursuit of sustainable development.

This philosophy has led us to develop a commitment of quality in which we establish, declare and assume the following principles which are the backbone of our policy and should be undertaken and implemented by everyone in our company.

1. To achieve full satisfaction of our clients, providing services in accordance with their requirements, needs and expectations established, including the rules or current legislation.

2. The final quality of customer services is the result of planned actions and systematic prevention and continuous improvement throughout the work process. To do this, we are all committed to develop work according to the specifications focused on improvement and pollution prevention.

3. We are committed to compliance with environmental legislation and regulations, as well as, other requirements to which the organization subscribe.

4. Each company employee is responsible for the quality of their work and for the control of the environmental impacts associated. The application of this policy requires the integration of all company staff, therefore from management we consider the motivation, training for quality and environmental essential.